DreamHack Summer 2014 Hearthstone Final: RDU vs Amaz (Video)

DreamHack Summer 2014 Hearthstone Final: RDU vs Amaz (Video)


DreamHack summer 2014 champion is over. RDU went 5-1 in series, going through Darkwonyx, Ekop, Reynad and Amaz to bank the $10,000 check, which is the biggest in professional Hearthstone to date.


He started the tournamenet with his undefeated Rogue for the entire tournament, but chose a different deck for the finals. RDU brings in the freeze mage which was the deck designed by Otter¬†against Amaz’s Druid, Hunter and Priest, making for a very short and explosive final.


(Translation: he still has a bow and a hunter’s mark)


RDU almost have to forfeit one of his match after receiving a message from his friend while playing live, telling RDU what cards Amaz had in his hands.¬†But in the end admins decided that there wasn’t enough to effect the outcome of the game and let it pass. Resulting in an, non-remake of the match.


The DreamHack Summer 2014 Hearthstone video is attached below.



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