Hearthstone Season 1 Final Rankings and the Decks that they Played

Hearthstone Season 1 Final Rankings and the Decks that they Played


With the final rankings from Ranked Play Season 1: Pandamonium for the Americas Region released, the top 16 players will qualify to participate for the Qualifying tournament for BlizzCon. Let’s take a look at the deck that they used to get there.

Battle Tag


1. Imamurgl Leeroy Miracle Rogue
2. hyp3d Leeroy Miracle Rogue
3. hyped Leeroy Miracle Rogue
4. Admirable Leeroy Miracle Rogue
5. mitfdw Leeroy Miracle Rogue
6. Alchemixt Malygos Miracle Rogue
7. Failfellow Tempo Shaman
8. BoLiN Control Warrior
9. BwaMu Aggro Hunter
10. Abaporu Token Druid
11. prodigy Midrange Hunter / Leeroy Miracle Rogue
12. backspace Leeroy Miracle Rogue
13. LuigEzz Midrange Shaman
14. Realz Watcher Druid / Leeroy Miracle Rogue
15. Firebat Control Warrior / Malygos Miracle Rogue
16. Freshca Leeroy Miracle Rogue
17. Akogare Midrange Hunter

Note: The 17th player has been included because hyped has two accounts in the top 16.

How to play Hearthstone on iPhone

How to play Hearthstone on iPhone


The acclaimed games maker Blizzard Entertainment released its free to play Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft on the Mac as well as Windows and just recently it is available as an iPad app as well. It is a very good strategy card game set in the Warcraft universe and players face off against one another with decks similar to the popular Magic The Gathering.


Hearthstone is Blizzard’s first free to play title. Players start off with the basic cards, and additional cards becoming available once you win battles or buy new card packs through in-app purchase. There are hundreds of unique cards available to form your decks, and each player’s cards deck is focused on a hero representing one of nine Warcraft heroes. Each customized with its own set of spells, minions and weapons.


If you are interested, you can download Hearthstone from Blizzard’s website. It is now available as a free to play basis for Mac, Windows and iPad. In this tutorial, we will show you how to install and play Hearthstone on the iPhone or iPod Touch.


Step by Step Guide to Install Hearthstone on iPhone

Before starting, you will need the following:

  • Jailbroken iPhone (with at least 2GB of free space and AppSync installed from Cydia)
  • iTunes
  • ifunbox

Files need to be downloaded:


Step 1: Getting iTunes ready

Download and install iTunes on your desktop. You can skip this step if you have installed iTunes on your desktop.


Step 2: Download Hearthstone.ipa

Open iTunes from your desktop and install Hearthstone. You have to install the app on the desktop first in order to copy to iPhone later.


Step 3: Getting ready the Hearthstone.ipa file

– Navigate to the “iTunes Media Folder”. Depending on your OS, you can get this folder on the following path :

  • Mac OS X 10.7 Lion: ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications/
  • Mac OS X 10.6: ~/Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications/
  • Windows: C:\Users\Username\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications\

– Look for the file named Hearthstone.ipa and copy the file on to your Desktop.

– Rename Hearthstone.ipa to Hearthstone.zip (Windows user needs to uncheck Hide extensions for known file types).

– Open the zip file and from the root folder, replace iTunesMetaData.plist with the modified file which you have downloaded above.

– Then from the same zip file, go to Payload folder followed by hearthstone.app folder, and replace Info.plist with the modified file which you have downloaded above.

– Exit your zip application and rename Hearthstone.zip back to Hearthstone.ipa.


Step 4: Install Hearthstone on iPhone


– Download ifunbox and install it to your desktop. Connect iPhone to the desktop and launch ifunbox.

– Once the iOS device is detected on ifunbox, click on ‘Install App’. Choose the modified Hearthstone.ipa file saved at the desktop.

– Wait for installation to complete, which will usually take awhile, then unplug the iPhone or iPod from the desktop.


If everything goes smoothly, you should have Hearthstone installed on your iPhone or iPod Touch. The initial login screen would have certain parts of the screen semi-hidden, but once you have done it once, you should stay logged in.


Have fun with Hearthstone, and feel free to drop me a comment if you need any help.

Hearthstone Guide to Obtain Gold

Hearthstone Guide to Obtain Gold


Hearthstone is the first free to play card game by Blizzard. It could be played without spending any real money, but by knowing the ways to obtain gold in the game, you will be able to obtain the cards needed to build your decks much faster. We will show you the ways to obtain gold in the game without spending.


Four ways to obtain gold for free in Hearthstone

  • Daily quests
  • Unique quests
  • Winning games in either casual or ranked play
  • Earn gold in Arena


1. Daily quests

You will receive a new daily quest each day, which could be found in your quest log. A total of three quests could be stored in your quest log. So if you have three daily quests stored in your quest log, you would not be able to receive new daily quests until you complete at least one to make room for new quests.


Daily quests reward could be 40, 60 or 100 gold each. It could be completed by either playing in casual play, ranked play or even in the arena. However, most daily quests could not be completed by challenging your friends, or by practice games with the computer.


Each day, you will be able to replace one daily quest with another random daily quest by pressing the little “x” at the upper right corner of the quest in the quest log. So, whenever you have a quest that only rewards 40 gold, it would be sensible to replace it, and have a chance to get a daily quest with higher gold reward.


Here is the list of daily quests in Hearthstone.

3 victoriesWin 3 games with any class40 Gold
Beat downDeal 100 damage to enemy heroes40 Gold
Destroy them allDestroy 40 minions40 Gold
Only the mightyPlay 20 minions that cost 5 or more40 Gold
Spell masterCast 40 spells40 Gold
The meek shall inheritPlay 40 minions that cost 2 or less40 Gold
Druid or Hunter victoryWin 2 games with Druid or Hunter40 Gold
Druid or Rogue victoryWin 2 games with Druid or Rogue40 Gold
Hunter or Mage victoryWin 2 games with Hunter or Mage40 Gold
Mage or Shaman victoryWin 2 games with Mage or Shaman40 Gold
Paladin or Priest victoryWin 2 games with Paladin or Priest40 Gold
Paladin or Warrior victoryWin 2 games with Paladin or Warrior40 Gold
Priest or Warlock victoryWin 2 games with Priest or Warlock40 Gold
Rogue or Warrior victoryWin 2 games with Rogue or Warrior40 Gold
Druid or Hunter dominanceWin 5 games with Druid or Hunter60 Gold
Druid or Rogue dominanceWin 5 games with Druid or Rogue60 Gold
Hunter or Mage dominanceWin 5 games with Hunter or Mage60 Gold
Mage or Shaman dominanceWin 5 games with Mage or Shaman60 Gold
Paladin or Priest dominanceWin 5 games with Paladin or Priest60 Gold
Paladin or Warrior dominanceWin 5 games with Paladin or Warrior60 Gold
Priest or Warlock dominanceWin 5 games with Priest or Warlock60 Gold
Rogue or Warrior dominanceWin 5 games with Rogue or Warrior60 Gold
Total dominanceWin 7 games with any class100 Gold


2. Unique quests

Apart from daily quests, there are one time reward unique quests in Hearthstone. These quests could not be repeated, and here’s the list of all the unique quests.

First bloodComplete a game in Play mode1 Card Pack
The duelistPlay 3 games in Play mode100 Gold
Crafting timeDisenchant a card95 Arcane Dust
Enter the ArenaEnter the Arena1 Arena Credit (first entry to the arena is free)
Level upGet any class to level 101 Card Pack
Chicken dinnerWin 100 games in any mode300 Gold
Big winnerWin 1000 games in any mode300 Gold
Ready to goUnlock every hero100 Gold
Crushed them allDefeat every expert AI hero100 Gold
Got the basicsCollect every card in the basic set100 Gold
One of everythingCollect every card in the expert set100 Gold
Arrrrrr!!!Collect every Pirate2 x Captain's Parrot
Golden Arrrrrr!!!Collect every Golden Pirate2 x Golden Captain's Parrot
Mrglglglglgl!Collect every Murloc2 x Old Murk-Eye
Golden Mrglglglglgl!Collect every Golden Murloc2 x Golden Old Murk-Eye
Beta heroSpend real currency in the StoreGelbin Mekkatorque
Ready to rockAttend BlizzCon 2013 (with virtual ticket)Elite Tauren Chieftain


3. Winning games in either Casual or Ranked Play

Every 3 wins in either Casual or Ranked Play will be awarded with 10 Gold, with a maximum of 100 Gold awarded per day.


4. Earn Gold in Arena

Each entry to the Arena would cost 150 Gold (USD1.99, EUR1.79, GBP1.49). Apart from Gold and Arcane Dust rewards, each Arena run would be guaranteed a Card Pack reward. This is the reason why most players would invest all the gold earned into the Arena. Players who is able to win at least a few games would make up for the entry cost or even gain in excess to the entry cost.


Playing in the Arena would be a good way for players to explore different strategies in Hearthstone, as each player would start an Arena run with a different deck, improving players understanding of the game and the game mechanics.


Each win in the Arena would upgrade the key to unlock the rewards. The Arena run will end when you have been defeated 3 times or after reaching 12 wins, whichever comes first. Below, we will list the possible rewards based on the total wins in the Arena.

WinsKeyPossible rewards
0Novice1 Card Pack, and about 25-30 combined Gold and Arcane Dust
1Apprentice1 Card Pack, and about 30-50 combined Gold and Arcane Dust
2Journeyman1 Card Pack, and about 40-50 combined Gold and Arcane Dust
3Copper1 Card Pack, about 25-30 Gold, and 25 combined Gold and Arcane Dust
4Silver1 Card Pack, about 45-60 Gold, and 25 combined Gold and Arcane Dust
5Gold1 Card Pack, 55 Gold, and 55 combined Gold and Arcane Dust
6Platinum1 Card Pack, 75 Gold, and 55 combined Gold and Arcane Dust
7Diamond1 Card Pack, about 150-180 Gold, and about 25 Arcane Dust
8Champion1 Card Pack, about 150-220 Gold, and about 25-50 Arcane Dust
9Ruby1 Card Pack, about 150-300 Gold, and about 25-70 Arcane Dust
10Frostborn1 Card Pack, about 150-350 Gold, and about 25-90 Arcane Dust
11Molten1 Card Pack, about 150-450 Gold, and about 25-90 Arcane Dust
12Lightforge1-2 Card Pack, about 150-525 Gold, and about 25-90 Arcane Dust

Note: apart from the listed rewards, there is also a possibility to get a random card of any rarity, which will reduce the other rewards of Gold and Arcane Dust when a card is awarded.


Best method to get started with Hearthstone

Once you have completed the tutorial, you can start earning Gold by completing the unique quests.

  • You will start the game with a primary hero which is the Mage. Get that Mage to level 10 by playing against different classes until you win a game at least, to unlock the other heroes. You will get the first reward of 100 Gold by getting any class to level 10.
  • Continue fighting until you unlock all the other classes, and get the next reward of 100 Gold.
  • Then level all the other heroes till level 10. By doing so, you will be rewarded with 100 Gold, and also unlocking all the basic cards, which is another 100 Gold reward.
  • Defeat all the Expert AI in Practice mode. The reward is 100 Gold.
  • Start playing in Play mode, and try to win 3 games. The reward is 1 card pack and 100 Gold.
  • Enter the Arena. The first entry to the Arena is free.

Thereafter, you will need to complete daily quests, participate in Arena, and win in either Casual Play or Ranked Play to be able to gain more gold. Remember that in Play mode, the reward is up to 100 Gold each day, with 10 Gold reward for winning every 3 games.

Card Advantage in Hearthstone

Card Advantage in Hearthstone


One of the most deciding factor for an outcome of a game in Hearthstone is card advantage. Experienced Hearthstone players will try to achieve and maintain card advantage over their opponents. This means that they will have more cards in hand than their opponent’s, while of course, doing so without risking being overwhelmed on the board.


By gaining card advantage, you will be able to play every round with several possible ways, and have the choice to pick the best possible way to deal with your opponent. While every player draws a card at the beginning of their turn, there are two possible ways to gain card advantage in Hearthstone. You can either form your deck with good drawing power, or make good value of your cards, which will force your opponents to play sub-optimally.


Good Drawing Power

In order to succeed, your deck must contain ways to draw more cards than what is provided by default each turn. The reason is simple, as your deck should not have many high mana cost cards, and as you gain more and more mana each turn, you will eventually run out of cards to play. When you are faced with the situation where you are forced to play the card you have just drawn, your options would be severely limited.


There are neutral cards which allow you to draw additional cards. For instance, Gnomish Inventor draws a card for you upon summon, Cult Master draws a card for you when any of your other minions die, and Nat Pagle has a fifty percent chance to draw you an extra card at the start of your every turn.


There are also class specific cards which allow you to draw additional cards. Priests can draw additional cards with their Northshire Cleric whenever a minion is healed, Hunters can do so when they summon beasts if they have Starving Buzzard on the board, and Shaman have Mana Tide Totem which draws them a card at the end of each turn.


As a rule of thumb, you should have enough drawing power in your deck. You can quickly tell this when playing with your deck and decide whether you need extra drawing power or not. If you are regularly running out of cards, then it might be a good idea to increase your deck’s drawing power.


When evaluating whether to include a spell to draw more cards in your deck, always remember that you are wasting a card for doing this. So a spell like Arcane Intellect which draws 2 cards would be a good choice, but Far Sight which only draws 1 card is rather poor.


Maximise Card Value

While drawing power is important, drawing power alone won’t give you card advantage unless you know how to use your cards efficiently. You should constantly try to use fewer cards to deal with your opponent than they are using to deal with you. Playing your cards to their maximum potential will ensure that you will have more cards in your hand, and more options to response to your opponent’s play later on.


You should always look for a good trade with your opponent’s card, for instance, 1 for 2 or even higher trade. That means you should try to make 1 of your minions to take out 2 or more of your opponent’s minions, preferably at the same cost level.


For instance, when you are playing mage, and you have a 3/3 Raging Worgen on the board, while your Priest opponent has a 4/3 Injured Blademaster and a 1/1 Silver Hand Recruit. There are two possible ways which you could deal with your opponent’s minions during your turn:

  1. Attack Silver Hand Recruit with your Raging Worgen, thus, killing his minion and activating Enrage on Raging Worgen, making it a 4/2 minion with Windfury. Then, attack Injured Blademaster with the same Raging Worgen, killing both.
  2. Attack Injured Blademaster with your Raging Worgen, killing both minions. Then kill Silver Hand Recruit with your Hero Power, Fireblast.

The end result of both situations is that you would have killed both of your opponent’s minions. However, in the first scenario, you used your Raging Worgen to take out both of your opponent’s minions without activating your Hero Power, which would also save you 2 mana to summon minions on the board or cast spells.


This is just one example to use your cards efficiently. Most importantly, read the description on every card, even if you think you know how the cards function. There are many ways to increase the value of your cards, the most common way to do so is by buffing your minion in order to take off a stronger minion on your opponent’s side.

Hearthstone Final Rankings for Season 1

Hearthstone Final Rankings for Season 1


The final rankings from Ranked Play Season 1: Pandamonium for the Americas region are here! These players have gone the extra mile and worked their way up the current ladder system to become one of the top ranked Hearthstone players.


A big congratulations to our top 16 Legend players in the Americas region, who now qualify to participate in the Hearthstone Americas Qualifier Tournament! This tournament will ultimately decide the four players that will represent the Americas region at the Hearthstone World Championships live at BlizzCon! For more information on the Hearthstone World Championships, please check out this blog here.

Pull up a chair and join us in recognizing the top ranked Hearthstone players in the Americas region!

See our top ranked players in the European region here.



1 Imamurgl
2 hyp3d
3 hyped
4 Admirable
5 mitjdw
6 Alchemixt
7 Failfellow
8 BoLiN
9 BwaMu
10 Abaporu
11 prodigy
12 backspace
13 LuigEzz
14 Realz
15 Firebat
16 Freshca

Congratulations to the 16 players who have qualified to participate in the Hearthstone Americas Qualifier Tournament, and as Season 2 has just started, we wish every Hearthstone players all the best.


Why do i always lose in Hearthstone?

Why do i always lose in Hearthstone?


After playing Hearthstone for some time, there is no doubt that you will lose in games. I am writing this to help you understand why you are losing games, and of course proper ways to rectify this problem.


Contrary to what most new card players belief that luck plays the most important factor in deciding the game’s outcome of Hearthstone games, i will show you in this article that this is untrue.


1. Luck

Luck is not the most important factor that affects the outcome of the game, but is the most apparent factor, especially to inexperienced players. What we meant by luck is the occurrence of events beyond the player’s control.


Simply put, luck does not play the biggest role. Most of the time, poor decisions, either when building your deck, or during game play will result in your defeats. By looking at some players, either famous Hearthstone streamers or other top players, is evidence enough to prove this claim. With over 75% winning rate out of hundreds if not thousands of games, which holds true even for arenas, where each deck is built randomly each time, it is obvious that they are not using overpowered cards or any specific combination.


While it may be true that sometimes luck does decide the outcome of the game, but realistically, the lucky or unlucky draw just puts an end to the game which should be won or lost few turns before.


I will give you a scenario. Let’s say you are playing Shaman and you use your Hex on turn three, against Ironfur Grizzly, which is not very threatening but still rather annoying. Five turns later, your opponent plays Gruul, and you have yet to draw your second Hex. Few more turns go by, and you have yet to draw your second Hex. Then you lose the game. Do you think you are merely unlucky for not drawing the second Hex which resulted in a defeat? Probably most players would look at it this way. However, the truth is, the reason you can’t deal with Gruul is because you have used your first Hex sub-optimally. With the poor decision made many turns earlier means that you will probably would have forgotten about it, and would instead put the blame on being unlucky.


Furthermore, it is likely that you would have made more than one poor decision in the game. Poor decision could also be made during deck building, even when some players copy the deck of a top player, there is a good chance that it is not adapted for your environment, plus another few mistakes during gameplay. All these sums up and would ultimately cause you to be defeated by others. If you realized this now, and know what to look for, it is still not too late. However, if you do not know what to look for, you may well believe that you did nothing wrong at all, and that you have just lost to your opponent’s good draw.


You have to analyze your own moves and try to understand why you are losing your games. Taking on an excuse that you are unlucky might be the easy way out, but it will never help you to improve as a player.


From the previous example, if you had not drawn a single Hex until Gruul comes on to play, then it may hold true that your draw is unlucky. This type of unfortunate situations where you are truly unlucky do exist, but these situations affects all players equally. The sooner you realize this, and look for other areas in your gameplay, the sooner you will improve to become a better player.


Think less about the effects of luck on your matches, and let us look at the actual causes of your defeats.


2. Deck Building

To mitigate the effect of a bad draw, the first and most important step lies in deck building. You have probably experienced the frustrated moments where you have no cards to play. This happens too often to new players who would also put the blame on being unlucky. What actually happened is this:

  1. You put in all the awesome cards in your deck.
  2. When the game starts, you are dealed with one or two of those awesome cards, so you decided to keep it and replace the others.
  3. Then, the first few turns of the game, you are holding high mana cost cards in your hand, and you are unable to play any card.
  4. By the time you can start playing your cards, your opponent has already taken control of the board that there is nothing that you can do.

If you are experiencing something similar to this, then the problem is not that huge yet. You are merely looking at the value of cards wrongly.


Do you think a Stormwind Champion is better than a Shattered Sun Cleric, or a Boulderfist Ogre is better than a Harvest Golem? The Stormwind Champion and Boulderfist Ogre are definitely stronger than the other two cards. But a good Hearthstone player would rather prefer Shattered Sun Cleric and Harvest Golem to be in his deck. Why, you might ask? The answer is simple, because they can be played during the early stage of the game, at the first few turns, and also because these minions are very good for their cost.


The first few turns of a Hearthstone game, typically the first four turns has a great impact on the result of the game itself. Therefore, your deck should be built in such a way that you will often have one or more good cards to play during these early turns. However, your starting hand and draws are random, so it is advisable to at least put in some high mana costing cards for late game, keeping in mind that you must have sufficient low mana costing cards in your deck to ensure that you will have them in your hand during the early game.


Generally, you would want at least one third of your deck to be minions that are playable by the first four turns. It is not a rule inscribed on stones, as it also depends on the theme of your deck, but in practice, that would also mean you will have close to half of your deck with cards that are playable by the fourth turn, since spell cards like Hex and Equality does not really count as you should be saving them for a worthy threat, which will often be around the mid or end game.


When building your deck, you have to take note of the Mana Curve, which is the distribution of cards in your deck by their mana cost. Your draws would be much better if you place more low mana costing minions and spells. There would be far less unfortunate moments where you are unable to play any card. The Mana Curve for low mana costing cards effects the Arena more than normal play, as in the Arena it is almost impossible to build any combo decks.


3. Poor Decisions During Gameplay

As in the previous example above where the Hex was used sub-optimally, poor gameplay decisions is the most common cause of defeats. Even though Hearthstone might appear to be a very simple game, actually it is a game that is easy to learn but hard to master, with strategies and tactics involved.


Every situation will often have several possible solutions, no matter how easy the situation might appear. Most of the time, the best solution is actually doing nothing, for example.


Even top Hearthstone players will make mistakes sometimes, with a sub-optimal play, but they kept it to a minimum. Often, they make the best possible decision for each turn. On the other hand, inexperienced players will sometimes make the best decision as well, but the frequency of players making the best possible decision will define the difference in skill of the players. More complex situations will likely cause a player with less experience to make a sub-optimal play.


The most common mistake that inexperienced players can make is to think that they can easily and quickly identify the best possible decision for each turn. In doing so, you might overlook some of your opponent’s strategy, for a seemingly non life threatening Starving Buzzard for instance, can turn the game around if left unattended. Also, the game is not so much about making the best decision for each specific turn, but the correct play for the game as a whole.


During normal play, be it Casual or Rank play, you would usually have a general idea of the cards your opponent would have in their deck. The game is all about resource management, which means that sometimes you would have to make a sub-optimal play, in order to conserve your cards for a real threat later on in the game.


It is usually not easy to make such decisions, but as you gain more experience playing the game, and got more familiar with your own deck as well as your opponent’s deck, you will learn to play with the bigger picture in mind.


Try to look back after you have played a game, no matter whether it is a win or lose, and analyze the decisions you have made to see whether it is really the best possible decision or a sub-optimal play.


4. Get to Know your Enemy

Even though there is no way that you can control your opponent’s deck or his draw, it does not mean that everything is random.


When deciding which card to play during a specific turn, you should not only see what your opponent has on the board, but also what they might have in their hand. This does not mean that you will be able to see his hand, though. You should play your minions with the assumption that your opponent has the most damaging spells to your play. For instance, if you play your Gruul against a Mage that has not used a single Polymorth up to that point, then it is very likely that your Gruul would be Polymorthed instantly, especially if there are no worthy targets to be Polymorthed previously. This is completely predictable and avoidable, which has got nothing to do with luck.


When playing against a mage for instance, you have to be prepared for Flamestrike when your opponent has 7 mana, and not play more minions than needed. If you are playing against a deck with many legendary cards, do not use your Big Game Hunter in the early stage of the game, as it is very probable that you would be faced with cards like Gruul or Ragnaros the Firelord. If you played your Big Game Hunter earlier without making use of its Battlecry, when your opponent summons a strong minion which you can’t stop, it is not because your opponent is lucky.


In every situation, expect your opponent to play the strongest possible answer to your threats, and play around this. In doing so, you need to be within reason, and not envisioning your opponent to be playing a legendary card every possible turn. So, whenever you play a minion, ask yourself this, what is the worst thing that your opponent can do to this minion next turn? If in fact, you decided not to play any minion on a clear board, ask yourself what minion your opponent might play instead, and decide whether you will be able to handle his minions without having any minion on the board yourself.


Most often than not, your assumptions would be wrong, but the few times that your assumptions are right would more than make up for it. If you think in this way for every decision you make, eventually the cards in your opponent’s hand would cease to matter, since you are prepared for the worse, and the best case scenarios would not be a threat to you. In practical however, you would not be able to always employ this strategy, and forced to play a card knowing pretty well that your opponent would counter it. Just be prepared for it and try to choose a play that is least damaging to your game as a whole.


5. Current Meta-Game

There are many decks listed on the internet, even decks played by top Hearthstone top players, but after building the exact same deck, you are still losing games. Ever wondered why?


Great decks does not necessarily lead to success unless you understand the mechanics of the deck, and you really need to understand how the deck that you are using fits into the current environment.


For instance, rush decks that relies on swarming your opponent with low mana cost minions quickly will work quite well and able to net you a number of wins. But if rush decks had been played quite often by others in the current period of time, it is likely that other players who are not playing rush decks will have adjusted their decks to be able to handle rush decks, by including more cards to clear the board. Even players who are used to playing rush decks would have switched to other strategies, since players are more capable of stopping rush decks, or even built their own deck against rush decks to net them some easy win.


Therefore, your deck which would normally have a high chance of winning will go against many decks that are made specifically to stop it. You can either continue playing with your current deck which will have a low winning rate, or switch to a deck that will best handle the decks that you are coming up against most frequently.


With metagaming, you have to keep amending your deck, or switch to a new deck altogether to do well against the current meta-game in order to do well in Ranked play. So if you constantly come up against a type of deck, say rush deck that managed to defeat you quickly, it is time to revise your deck by including some cards to be able to better handle the situation.


6. How to Improve in Hearthstone?

How can you improve as a true player of Hearthstone? The first place to look into is yourself. Try to change your perspective and understand how the strategy in Hearthstone works. Analyze the way you handle the situation, and decide whether it is the best possible solution, and see the game as a whole. It is fine to play sub-optimally at a specific turn, if you are saving cards for the real threat later on.


You need to realize that Hearthstone is not a luck based game, and accept the fact that your defeats are the result of your own poor decisions. Once you do this, you will appreciate more that Hearthstone has a remarkable depth as far as strategy goes, and you will have more fun playing the game, which in turn will make you a better player in the process.