What iPad generations does Hearthstone support?

What iPad generations does Hearthstone support?


Blizzard confirmed that Hearthstone could be played on the iPad 2, iPad (3rd generation), iPad (4th generation), iPad Air, iPad mini, as well as iPad mini with Retina. Yes, Retina display is supported on Hearthstone.


When playing Hearthstone with the mobile version on iPad, Hearthstone can connect to Battle.net over Wi-Fi, or a 3G cellular connection if your iPad has one enabled. The amount of storage space that Hearthstone utilize on the iPad will be 480MB when downloaded from iTunes and about 700MB when installed.


The card collection on the PC will be the same as on iPad since you will be logged into your Battle.net account, the collection will be shared across all platforms.


“You could start in the morning playing on your PC and then, in the afternoon, pick up your iPad and you’ll have all of your decks there. When you’re choosing to play, I might be playing against some other iPad person or I might be playing against the PC version,” said lead designer Eric Dodds.



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