Hearthstone Final Rankings for Season 3

Hearthstone Final Rankings for Season 3


The final rankings from Ranked Play Season 3: Colors of the Rainbow for both Americas and Europe are in.


A big congratulations to our top 16 Legend players, and interestingly, Rank 18 in the Americas and Rank 20 in Europe will qualify to participate in the Hearthstone World Championship Qualifier Tournament as we are now seeing repeat players earning top ranks in the respective region.


Pull up a chair and join us in recognizing the top Hearthstone players.


Top Ranked Hearthstone players in the Americas region

1 LuigEzz
2 Forsen
3 Firebat
4 ShinyPants
5 Kabi
6 Strelzik
7 Hafu
8 purpledrank
9 ErA
10 bma
11 dog
12 Razor
13 Tom
14 nacanoob
15 Azuzu
16 Fang
17 Luchesi
18 Azuresky


Top Ranked Hearthstone players in the European region

1 Forsen
2 Kolento
3 BIGEldrazi
4 MCpNoisyboy
5 Baku
6 Thalai
7 Neirea
8 mkr
9 Gardeh
10 Yxm
11 Matthew
12 obv
13 Xanthi
14 Daxt
15 Fmpl
16 WhtPwdr
17 Garrickz
18 Lothar
19 Ekop
20 kitkatz

Note: The players highlighted in red above have already earned a place in the Qualifying Tournament. Their ranking this season will help their seeding in the tournament.


Congratulations to the players who have qualified to participate in the Hearthstone Qualifier Tournament, and as the new season has just started, we wish every Hearthstone players all the best.



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