Hearthstone Final Rankings for Season 1

Hearthstone Final Rankings for Season 1


The final rankings from Ranked Play Season 1: Pandamonium for the Americas region are here! These players have gone the extra mile and worked their way up the current ladder system to become one of the top ranked Hearthstone players.


A big congratulations to our top 16 Legend players in the Americas region, who now qualify to participate in the Hearthstone Americas Qualifier Tournament! This tournament will ultimately decide the four players that will represent the Americas region at the Hearthstone World Championships live at BlizzCon! For more information on the Hearthstone World Championships, please check out this blog here.

Pull up a chair and join us in recognizing the top ranked Hearthstone players in the Americas region!

See our top ranked players in the European region here.



1 Imamurgl
2 hyp3d
3 hyped
4 Admirable
5 mitjdw
6 Alchemixt
7 Failfellow
8 BoLiN
9 BwaMu
10 Abaporu
11 prodigy
12 backspace
13 LuigEzz
14 Realz
15 Firebat
16 Freshca

Congratulations to the 16 players who have qualified to participate in the Hearthstone Americas Qualifier Tournament, and as Season 2 has just started, we wish every Hearthstone players all the best.




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