Hero: Garrosh Hellscream

Hero Power: Armor Up! – gain 2 armor

Unique Ability: weapons and attack boost

The warrior class is focused on an aggressive gaming style that uses the units that deal lots of damage, as well as weapon cards. Although the warrior also has a decent defense, he feels best while attacking and eliminating the enemy units quickly.

This class’s hero power is Armor Up!. After it is activated, the hero receives 2 armor, which can be increased without limitations, which grants additional life points, in turn. It is a very useful power, especially in the case of a deck centered around weapons, where the hero often attacks enemy units and takes damage himself. However, thanks to this power, you can decrease the damage taken or eliminate completely the damage taken during an attack.

The warrior also has a wide variety of weapons and attack buffing spells at his disposal, which also influence the damaged units. By combining all of these advantages, you can deal high damage even at an early stage of the game and retain control over the battlefield easily.

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