Hero: Gul’dan

Hero Power: Life Tap – Draw a card and take 2 damage

Unique Ability: Demons

The warlock is a quite specific class that can drive away many of the beginner players. The reason for that is the large amount of cards that wound the hero himself. The power of this class itself deals 2 damage per use and many of the warlock’s cards can damage him even more. For this reason, you can much more often see advanced players using this class, although unjustly.

This class’s hero power is Tap Life. Thanks to this ability, the player can draw a card from the deck, per turn, while taking 2 damage. Although it is a potentially harmful ability, which can bring the warlock down to low health, the warlock, when properly used, can potentially become the most powerful hero powers in the game. In exchange for a little health, the player may draw additional cards, thanks to which he does not need to waste space in the deck for a card with the same ability. Additionally, thanks to his power, the warlock is ideal for strategies centered around a large number of cheap units, and prevents him from having no cards on the hand.

Warlocks another upside are demons – a group of minions that can be found, almost entirely, only in this class’s cards. The demon cards usually are double-edged swords, which at the same time provide strong units and abilities, as well as the negative effects like the loss of health points by the hero. However, if you use them wisely, you can quit e easily create a formidable team early into the game, which provides you with considerable advantage over the opponent. Thanks to the group of demons and the Blood Tap, the warlock is an excellent class for the tactic of swift enemy elimination, by deploying big numbers of cheap units and attacking the opponent’s hero directly.

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