Hero: Anduin Wrynn

Hero Power: Lesser Heal – restore 2 Health

Unique Ability: Healing and strengthening of life.

Priest is a very strong defensive class that specializes in healing and strengthening the life of the summoned minions. Also, he has a lot of cards that facilitate control or swift elimination the opponent’s units, which makes him a very dangerous opponent, especially towards the end of the game.

The priests power is the Lesser Healing. Thanks to this power, he can restore 2 health onto himself or onto his units. In combination with many healing cards, or boosting life, like Power Word: Shield (2) or Divine Spirit (2), allows the priest to keep even the most severely wounded units alive.

This class also has access to strong battlefield-controlling abilities. Thanks to cards likeShadow word: Pain (2) or Shadow word: Death (3), the player can eliminate all of the units with the attack factor lower than 4. Thanks to cards like Mind Control (10) orShadow madness (4), the priest can take control over any enemy unit and turn it against him. With a spell like Shadowform (3), the player can replace the class’s healing abilities with the ones that deal direct damage, which changes the playing style. All this makes the priest a very versatile class, which can both keep his own units alive and eliminate the opponent’s cards.

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