Hero: Uther Lightbringer

Hero Power: Reinforce – Summon a Silver Hand Recruit 1/1

Unique Ability: Boosting of the units

The Paladin class is a unique merger of the Priest and the Warrior. Not only does it have access to relatively strong weapons and healing abilities, but also to the wide set of cards that boost the units both with respect to attack and health, which makes the Paladin a good offensive and defensive character.

This class’s Hero Power is Boost. Similarly to the Shaman’s power, it allows the Paladin to summon a special unit, which is the Silver Hand Recruit, who has the attack and health of 1. Although such a unit may seem weak, in combination with the many buffing cards that the Paladin has in stock, it can be used as a convenient means of inflicting damage. Additionally, this ability proves invaluable when the player runs out of cards in his hand. Thanks to the possibility of summoning this unit, you never finish with a completely empty table.

The Paladin’s basic advantage are the mighty buffing spells. Thanks to the cards like, e.g..Blessing of Kings or the Blessed Champion, the player can boost the attack of units, within one turn considerably, and attack to deal massive damage. This makes the Paladin a great class for aggressive strategies that focus mainly on dealing damage to the opponent’s hero.

The paladin is also another class with access to the Secret cards. Although he has very few of them and the mana cost of each is 1, they are an excellent reinforcement and a defense point.

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