Hero: Rexxar

Hero Power: Steady Shot – deal 2 damage to the opponent’s hero

Unique Ability: Beasts

The hunter is yet another class with good offensive abilities and who takes advantage of the large numbers of units in the battlefield. Just like the warlock class, the Hunter has many abilities that harmonize with a certain group of minions, which are the beasts in this case. When it comes to quick elimination and dealing a lot of concentrated damage, this class can easily compete with the Rogue.

The Hunter’s hero power is the Steady Shot. It is the strongest offensive ability from among all of the heroes. It allows the player to deal 2 damage, but only to the opponent’s hero. The fact that this ability can be used at any moment, makes it an ideal means of weakening the enemy hero, or eliminating him in combination with the other attacks.

The hardcore of every good hunter’s deck are the cards from the beast group. Many of the special cards of this class take advantage of the beasts in the battlefield. They are the main cards that increase the attack’s potency and provide you with additional cards or abilities. Many of those spells cannot be used with any other card than the beast so, that is why decks centered around this exact group of minions are of key importance to the Hunter.

The hunter is also one of the three classes that have access to the card with the Secret ability, which provides him with additional defense and control over the course of the game.

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