Hero: Malfurion Stormrage

Hero Power: Shapeshift – +1 Attack this turn, +1 Armor

Unique Ability: Choose One

Druid is an immensely versatile class which, as the only one, has the access to the Choose One ability. Thanks to this, and a wide variety of minions and spells in his deck, druid can find his way out of every situation and play with nearly all classes as equal.

The Druid’s hero power, Shapeshift, allows him to boost himself by 1 pt. of attack and armor. The attack factor cannot be, however, higher than 1 and it is removed after the turn is over. The armor points disappear only after the druid takes damage and they be accumulated on the character without any limits. This ensures, not only, the opportunity to attack for the hero, nearly at any moment, but also a good way to absorb damage dealt by the enemy.

This class also has a lot of cards with the Choose One ability. Thanks to this, the druid can select an appropriate effect from two available options and use it in the game. The Keeper of the Grove (4), which allows the druid to inflict 2 damage points or to silence the enemy, is a good example here. Additionally, the druid has many spells and minions that perform most f the functions available in the game, which gives him access to healing abilities, AoE attacks, silencing or buffing his cards. However, this class has no weapon cards, due to which he cannot attack directly with his hero, unless he uses a special power.

The last special technique that the druid can use is increasing the mana levels. Thanks to the cards like Wild Growth (2) and Innervate (0), gives the player 2 additional you can increase your supply of mana crystals. The Wild Growth gives you an empty mana crystal, which provides you with quicker access to high-level units. The Innervate (0) on the other hand, provides you with additional 2 mana crystals until the end of the round, thanks to which you can play a card for 4 mana points, in the next round. Both of these cards allow the druid to use strong cards early into the game, where the enemy may be incapable of removing them.

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