Hearthstone Guide to Obtain Gold

Hearthstone Guide to Obtain Gold


Hearthstone is the first free to play card game by Blizzard. It could be played without spending any real money, but by knowing the ways to obtain gold in the game, you will be able to obtain the cards needed to build your decks much faster. We will show you the ways to obtain gold in the game without spending.


Four ways to obtain gold for free in Hearthstone

  • Daily quests
  • Unique quests
  • Winning games in either casual or ranked play
  • Earn gold in Arena


1. Daily quests

You will receive a new daily quest each day, which could be found in your quest log. A total of three quests could be stored in your quest log. So if you have three daily quests stored in your quest log, you would not be able to receive new daily quests until you complete at least one to make room for new quests.


Daily quests reward could be 40, 60 or 100 gold each. It could be completed by either playing in casual play, ranked play or even in the arena. However, most daily quests could not be completed by challenging your friends, or by practice games with the computer.


Each day, you will be able to replace one daily quest with another random daily quest by pressing the little “x” at the upper right corner of the quest in the quest log. So, whenever you have a quest that only rewards 40 gold, it would be sensible to replace it, and have a chance to get a daily quest with higher gold reward.


Here is the list of daily quests in Hearthstone.

3 victoriesWin 3 games with any class40 Gold
Beat downDeal 100 damage to enemy heroes40 Gold
Destroy them allDestroy 40 minions40 Gold
Only the mightyPlay 20 minions that cost 5 or more40 Gold
Spell masterCast 40 spells40 Gold
The meek shall inheritPlay 40 minions that cost 2 or less40 Gold
Druid or Hunter victoryWin 2 games with Druid or Hunter40 Gold
Druid or Rogue victoryWin 2 games with Druid or Rogue40 Gold
Hunter or Mage victoryWin 2 games with Hunter or Mage40 Gold
Mage or Shaman victoryWin 2 games with Mage or Shaman40 Gold
Paladin or Priest victoryWin 2 games with Paladin or Priest40 Gold
Paladin or Warrior victoryWin 2 games with Paladin or Warrior40 Gold
Priest or Warlock victoryWin 2 games with Priest or Warlock40 Gold
Rogue or Warrior victoryWin 2 games with Rogue or Warrior40 Gold
Druid or Hunter dominanceWin 5 games with Druid or Hunter60 Gold
Druid or Rogue dominanceWin 5 games with Druid or Rogue60 Gold
Hunter or Mage dominanceWin 5 games with Hunter or Mage60 Gold
Mage or Shaman dominanceWin 5 games with Mage or Shaman60 Gold
Paladin or Priest dominanceWin 5 games with Paladin or Priest60 Gold
Paladin or Warrior dominanceWin 5 games with Paladin or Warrior60 Gold
Priest or Warlock dominanceWin 5 games with Priest or Warlock60 Gold
Rogue or Warrior dominanceWin 5 games with Rogue or Warrior60 Gold
Total dominanceWin 7 games with any class100 Gold


2. Unique quests

Apart from daily quests, there are one time reward unique quests in Hearthstone. These quests could not be repeated, and here’s the list of all the unique quests.

First bloodComplete a game in Play mode1 Card Pack
The duelistPlay 3 games in Play mode100 Gold
Crafting timeDisenchant a card95 Arcane Dust
Enter the ArenaEnter the Arena1 Arena Credit (first entry to the arena is free)
Level upGet any class to level 101 Card Pack
Chicken dinnerWin 100 games in any mode300 Gold
Big winnerWin 1000 games in any mode300 Gold
Ready to goUnlock every hero100 Gold
Crushed them allDefeat every expert AI hero100 Gold
Got the basicsCollect every card in the basic set100 Gold
One of everythingCollect every card in the expert set100 Gold
Arrrrrr!!!Collect every Pirate2 x Captain's Parrot
Golden Arrrrrr!!!Collect every Golden Pirate2 x Golden Captain's Parrot
Mrglglglglgl!Collect every Murloc2 x Old Murk-Eye
Golden Mrglglglglgl!Collect every Golden Murloc2 x Golden Old Murk-Eye
Beta heroSpend real currency in the StoreGelbin Mekkatorque
Ready to rockAttend BlizzCon 2013 (with virtual ticket)Elite Tauren Chieftain


3. Winning games in either Casual or Ranked Play

Every 3 wins in either Casual or Ranked Play will be awarded with 10 Gold, with a maximum of 100 Gold awarded per day.


4. Earn Gold in Arena

Each entry to the Arena would cost 150 Gold (USD1.99, EUR1.79, GBP1.49). Apart from Gold and Arcane Dust rewards, each Arena run would be guaranteed a Card Pack reward. This is the reason why most players would invest all the gold earned into the Arena. Players who is able to win at least a few games would make up for the entry cost or even gain in excess to the entry cost.


Playing in the Arena would be a good way for players to explore different strategies in Hearthstone, as each player would start an Arena run with a different deck, improving players understanding of the game and the game mechanics.


Each win in the Arena would upgrade the key to unlock the rewards. The Arena run will end when you have been defeated 3 times or after reaching 12 wins, whichever comes first. Below, we will list the possible rewards based on the total wins in the Arena.

WinsKeyPossible rewards
0Novice1 Card Pack, and about 25-30 combined Gold and Arcane Dust
1Apprentice1 Card Pack, and about 30-50 combined Gold and Arcane Dust
2Journeyman1 Card Pack, and about 40-50 combined Gold and Arcane Dust
3Copper1 Card Pack, about 25-30 Gold, and 25 combined Gold and Arcane Dust
4Silver1 Card Pack, about 45-60 Gold, and 25 combined Gold and Arcane Dust
5Gold1 Card Pack, 55 Gold, and 55 combined Gold and Arcane Dust
6Platinum1 Card Pack, 75 Gold, and 55 combined Gold and Arcane Dust
7Diamond1 Card Pack, about 150-180 Gold, and about 25 Arcane Dust
8Champion1 Card Pack, about 150-220 Gold, and about 25-50 Arcane Dust
9Ruby1 Card Pack, about 150-300 Gold, and about 25-70 Arcane Dust
10Frostborn1 Card Pack, about 150-350 Gold, and about 25-90 Arcane Dust
11Molten1 Card Pack, about 150-450 Gold, and about 25-90 Arcane Dust
12Lightforge1-2 Card Pack, about 150-525 Gold, and about 25-90 Arcane Dust

Note: apart from the listed rewards, there is also a possibility to get a random card of any rarity, which will reduce the other rewards of Gold and Arcane Dust when a card is awarded.


Best method to get started with Hearthstone

Once you have completed the tutorial, you can start earning Gold by completing the unique quests.

  • You will start the game with a primary hero which is the Mage. Get that Mage to level 10 by playing against different classes until you win a game at least, to unlock the other heroes. You will get the first reward of 100 Gold by getting any class to level 10.
  • Continue fighting until you unlock all the other classes, and get the next reward of 100 Gold.
  • Then level all the other heroes till level 10. By doing so, you will be rewarded with 100 Gold, and also unlocking all the basic cards, which is another 100 Gold reward.
  • Defeat all the Expert AI in Practice mode. The reward is 100 Gold.
  • Start playing in Play mode, and try to win 3 games. The reward is 1 card pack and 100 Gold.
  • Enter the Arena. The first entry to the Arena is free.

Thereafter, you will need to complete daily quests, participate in Arena, and win in either Casual Play or Ranked Play to be able to gain more gold. Remember that in Play mode, the reward is up to 100 Gold each day, with 10 Gold reward for winning every 3 games.



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