Zetalot: Prophecy Control Priest Deck

Zetalot: Prophecy Control Priest Deck


Zetalot is one of the few Priest players who reached Legend, and at one point, reached Legend Rank 2 in EU server during season 2. You can watch him play at http://www.twitch.tv/zetalot.


Unlike the usual Priest decks, Zetalot’s Priest does not rely on dragging a game to fatigue, and features lots of strong AoE with some really fun finishers.


Zetalot’s Prophecy Control Priest Deck

Priest Cards

Neutral Cards


What to Mulligan

Try to Mulligan for early card control. Northshire Cleric will be a keeper as well as Circle of Healing which combos well with Northshire Cleric and Injured Blademaster for great card draw, or potential board clear later in the game.


Strong Synergies in the Deck

Key Combos

Finishing Moves


Meta Changes

The Sunfury Protector and Cabal Shadow Priest is your tech cards and should be replaced to adapt the current meta.


Sunfury Protector is good against aggro heavy meta, and could be replaced with The Black Knight where the meta shifts to control, or replaced with Acidic Swamp Ooze when you are seeing a lot of weapon classes. Having difficulty with divine shields? Try to replace it with Blood Knight.


Cabal Shadow Priest is another good card against aggro. When the meta shifts to more control oriented, switch Cabal Shadow Priest out for Big Game Hunter or Ragnaros the Firelord




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