Trump: Bearon Geddon Deck

Trump: Bearon Geddon Deck


In response to Miracle Rogue decks, Trump has crafted a┬ádeck giving the Warrior lots of health to be able to withstand miracle’s burst damage.


Cards like Slam, Shield Block, Acolyte of Pain and Azure Drake allow the Warrior to draw cards while gaining life or progressing the board. Cruel Taskmaster has multiple purpose in the deck, which will draw cards with Acolyte of Pain, enable Execute and Big Game Hunter to serve as a removal, gain armor with Armorsmith, or even enrage Grommash Hellscream for the much needed lethal damage.


There are also efficient removal spells like Execute and Shield Slam which only cost 1 mana. Brawl is equivalent to a Twisting Nether with a catch, and try not to use it until at least when you have totally lost board control. Fiery War Axe is nearly always a two for one against minion aggressive decks like Zoo, while Gorehowl can easily trade four for one or better and can even double as a burn spell.


Trump’s Bearon Geddon Deck

Warrior Cards

Neutral Cards



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