Reynad: Cycle Hunter Deck

Reynad: Cycle Hunter Deck


Today, the deck we will share with you is Reynad’s Cycle Hunter Deck. It is by no means an aggro deck, but rather a flexible combo deck.


When played correctly, you will be able to answer to almost any threat that comes in your way. Patience is the key when playing with this deck, and be prepared to get your opponent off guard as Unleash the Hounds is not the only card that could score you a win. Plan your traps well, carefully remove your opponent threats, and slowly pick at their health with your hero power. Leeroy Jenkins is essential to this deck. Not only is he a 6/2 with Charge, but he summons two whelps for the opponent which combos well with Unleash the Hounds.


Reynad’s Cycle Hunter Deck

Hunter Cards

Neutral Cards



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