Hearthstone KitKatz Warrior Deck

Hearthstone KitKatz Warrior Deck


After Unleashed the Hounds has been nerfed, Hunters are showing up much less in Ranked play. Shamans are emerging as a solid class, but so are Warriors. Control Warrior has evolved quite a bit since people starts to embrace KitKatz’s new Warrior deck. Control Warrior decks are very versatile, and able to adapt to the current meta by bringing in more early damage, taunts, or silences when the need arises.


Early game minions such as Armorsmith, Acolyte of Pain, and Frothing Berserker is effective for a smooth transition into mid/late game. Arcanite Reaper does really well against mid game minions – Chillwind Yeti, Sunwalker, Violet Teacher, Tundra Rhino, etc – which is invaluable against mid game focused  decks.


KitKatz Warrior Deck

Warrior Cards

Neutral Cards



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