Budget Deck: Miracle Worgen

Budget Deck: Miracle Worgen


Since i am bored with Miracle deck, tried to create a budget Rogue deck for fun. Surprisingly, the deck works well.


Typically, a Rogue deck will consists of legendary cards such as Leeroy Jenkins, Edwin VanCleef or Malygos. The deck which i am going to reveal does not contain any legendary, but instead it will be focused on a common card, Raging Worgen. Being a 3 mana card, it has great potential with Windfury once enraged. Add in Cold Blood, there is potential for massive damage by turn 4.

But at the same time, Raging Worgen would be vulnerable to spells like Hellfire and Flamestrike.


You can enrage the Raging Worgen¬†with Shiv, Backstab, Eviscerate, SI:7 Agent or even Wild Pyromancer + spell.¬†And there would be cards like Abusive Sergeant and Cold Blood to buff the damage.


Miracle Worgen Deck (Budget)

Miracle Cards

Neutral Cards



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