Budget Deck: Midrange Druid

Budget Deck: Midrange Druid


While some claims Hearthstone is Pay to Win, we believe that is not true. With experience and understanding of the game mechanics, it may not be too hard to find success in the game.


This week, we will guide you through a Midrange Druid Deck, which is a budget deck containing no Legendaries. It will be great for those that wish to put together a deck without Legendaries yet, and should be able to get you up in the ranks early on. Despite being a budget deck, Druid decks might still be the most expensive to build a budget deck on, as this Midrange Druid Deck still needs four epics and some rares to run properly.


Looking at this Midrange Druid Deck, it may look like a standard Control Druid Deck. The main difference is that after clearing out threats, there are no giant finishers to play here, but rather a bunch of powerful creatures to take over the middle of the game, hence Midrange. The deck relies on strong cards to take control of the game.


Budget Midrange Druid

Druid Cards

Neutral Cards



Druid cards is all about choices, and by putting your cards in the right mode would be the most important aspect of this deck. There are a number of cards which will give you an option to choose when you put it into play:

Druid also has one of the strongest hero power in the game. You should not be afraid to use it to kill a minion if that will save you a kill spell. Always try to gain board control with this deck, except when you are dealing with a Hunter. Most of the time, constant board control will ensure your wins, and try to do something every turn after turn three, whether summoning a minion or playing a kill spell.



Strong vs Aggro Hunter, Aggro Paladin, Aggro Warlock. The large amount of taunts combined with kill spells and healing will do wonders against the early rush. Sometimes it is fine to take extra damage to put hard to deal with minions on the board. Keep track of your life total and try to put taunts down, and you should be fine. Also when you are facing Hunter, beware of Unleash the Hounds, and try to have not more than two creatures out at a time. Always mulligan into early plays, and find a play around secrets.


Average vs Midrange Rogue, Control Druid / Mage / Paladin / Priest / Shaman / Warrior. Compared to Miracle Rogue, Midrange Rogue would be more favourable for you. Try to remove their threats and get up taunts, and you should be fine. When facing control decks, you would need to out card them. Keep drawing cards and applying threats would be the way to go.


Weak vs Handlock Warlock, Miracle Rogue. Handlock would be a very hard matchup. Try to mulligan silences, as most of your removals won’t work against him. Silencing a Twilight Drake as well as using Big Game Hunter to deal with the giants whenever possible, or even using Faceless Manipulator on it. Miracle Rogue would be another tough matchup, so try to remove their threats and get up taunts.



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