Budget Deck: Legend F2P Control Shaman

Budget Deck: Legend F2P Control Shaman


It is the time of the week where we share a rather cheap deck with high potential to reach Legend in Ranked Play. There would be no legendaries in the deck and the only epic card being Doomhammer.


Since it is a Control Shaman deck, the idea is to gain control of the board by utilizing cards like Earth Shock, Lightning Bolt, and Lightning Storm. The strong removals plus efficient minions is to dominate the board for your late game offensive power – Doomhammer, Argent Commander, Fire Elemental as well as Lava Burst.


Legend F2P Control Shaman Deck

Shaman Cards

Neutral Cards

What to Mulligan

  • Druid – Look for removal and minions like Unbound Elemental / Chillwind Yeti. An early Hex would be useful in case he innervates something tough to deal with, and against Token Druids try to keep a Lightning Storm handy in case they get massive Violet Teacher value. It is usually a good idea to keep an Earth Shock for late game when you’re preparing to finish him off incase of a Taunt.
  • Hunter – Look for Feral Spirit and removal. Try not to put too many minions on the board, and when Hunter plays a trap, try to think about what is most likely given the situation, and try your best to play around it.
  • Mage – Look for Feral Spirit and removal. Be prepared for Flamestrike around turn 6 or 7. If you suspect he’s a Freezing Mage, mulligan for board presence instead and try to burst him down as fast as possible.
  • Shaman – Look for Lightning Bolt and Lightning Storm.
  • Warlock – Since you won’t be sure that whether this will be a Handlock or Zoo, try to look for removals. Earth Shock and Hex would be great against Handlock, and Lightning Bolt, Rockbiter Weapon, Lightning Storm and Feral Spirit would be great against Zoo. Try to look for a combination of these cards unless you know exactly what you’re facing. Zoo would be a tough matchup for this deck.
  • Warrior – Look for a combination of removal and board presence. After turn 5 be wary of overextending against Brawl, and keep your Hex for late game against their big threats.


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