Budget Deck: Frost Mage

Budget Deck: Frost Mage


While most thought that Hearthstone is a P2W (pay to win) game, budget decks would be pretty viable to get you to a decent rank in Ranked Play as well or even Legend at times, and most importantly, these decks are fun to play.


Since this is a budget deck, there would be no legendaries or even epic cards. But of course if you would prefer to have a little higher budget deck, we would also give you the option to replace some of the cards for legendaries or epics at a section below. Let’s take a look at the Budget Frost Mage Deck.


Budget Deck: Frost Mage

Mage Cards

Neutral Cards


What to Mulligan

Try to mulligan for Mana Addict, Mana Wyrm and Sorcerer’s Apprentice as they allow you to build up damage and tempo. When going against aggro, try to keep Arcane Explosion as it is especially good against aggro. Fireball, Frostbolt and Ice Lance would be your burst damage to take down the opponent, so try not to keep it in your starting hands.


Strong Synergies in the Deck

Frostbolt + Frostbolt+ Ice Lance + Ice Lance + Fireball = 10 mana, 20 damage

Frostbolt + Ice Lance + Fireball = 7 mana, 13 damage

Frostbolt + Ice Lance = 3 mana, 7 damage


Potential Alternative Cards (Higher Budget)

One or both Arcane Intellect could be swapped for Molten Giant

One of the Acolyte of Pain could be swapped for Leeroy Jenkins or Pyroblast



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