Backspace: Cancer Rogue Deck aka Coldlight Oracle

Backspace: Cancer Rogue Deck aka Coldlight Oracle


Backspace managed to get to #2 legend on NA server with his own version of Cancer Rogue deck that is centered around the Coldlight Oracle card.


It’s incredibly fun! The synergy with Coldlight + Shadowstep + Mukla or the explosive amount of damage you can produce with any charge minion makes for really exciting games. It also DESTROYS Miracle Rogue and Giants,” explained Backspace.


Backspace’s Cancer Rogue aka Coldlight Oracle

Rogue Cards

Neutral Cards



Strong vs: Miracle Rogue, and Giants.

Bad vs: Zoo and Druid with heavy taunts.


Try to mulligan for early board presence, like Argent Squire, Leper Gnome, Loot Hoarder and King Mukla. With The Coin, you can also look for Defias Ringleader and SI:7 Agent as well. You should never mulligan Coldlight Oracle.


Keep an eye on the opponent’s life total rather than state of the board, as the main strategy relised heavily on early pressure. Shadowstep + Leeroy Jenkins / Arcane Golem will most likely be the final killing move. So do keep track on the damage in your hands at all times.



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