Amaz: F2P Legend Priest Deck

Amaz: F2P Legend Priest Deck


If you like to play Priest in Hearthstone or wondering how to be a better Priest player, Amaz does pretty good with the Priest class. He hit Legend with his F2P Priest deck in Season 2.


Watch the last game before Amaz hit Legend: Video link


Amaz’s F2P Legend Priest Deck

Priest Cards

Neutral Cards


Wild Pyromancer Synergies

I love to refer to Wild Pyromancer‘s synergies as “sweeps” similar to the Druid’s Swipe spell:

The interesting thing about “sweep” damage is that it goes through Divine Shields and Harvest Golem‘s Deathrattle!

Another point to remember is to NOT to kill your Wild Pyromancer. With example two, while you might be doing lots of damage, you lose your Pyro. Using two cards to Swipe is not the most cost-efficient method: it is still good in emergencies.

Finally, remember that once you are holding sweeps, you can play a bit greedy and save the Wild Pyromancer until your opponent fills the board.

Circle of Healing Synergies

Circle of Healing is one of the better Priest cards. There are three synergies with this card:

The trick to Circle of Healing surrounds your decision to play cards before you draw them. If you do include Circles in your deck, you may not want to play Auchenai Soulpriest as a four drop even on an empty board. This means that with Circle of Healing, you increase the number of dead cards in your hand, which increases risk.



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